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Another really great thing we love about fall? It was last fall that our Wedding Coordinator and Events Sales Director joined our crew at Emerson!  A self-declared fall fanatic, Nichole Okapal coordinates weddings on the weekends, communicates with Brides from the start of their planning through their Big Day, teaches yoga a few days a week AND leads the occasional, and fabulous, Vintage Flow Yoga + Wine evening in Emerson’s barn!

We are happy to introduce you,

because you’re just in time to catch Nichole’s last Yoga event of the season Thursday October 9 at 7pm.  So relax, say an Om, and enjoy your introduction to our peaceful pioneer before you join her October 9 at Emerson Creek!

What made you decide to start teaching yoga?
Lots of reasons. I’ve been practicing for about 10 years and I became really passionate about learning as much about it as I could. It naturally evolved into taking teacher training classes. I especially enjoy Vinyasa, which is the style of yoga I teach.

Would you say yoga has had positive affects on your life and how?
Physically, great! I feel better physically and mentally than I ever have before. It’s taught me so much about stress and how to control my anxiety when every day stuff pops up. Socially it’s improved my feeling of connectivity with others, especially the women and men who I’m practicing with.

We’re so glad you’re at Emerson! How did you find us?
It’s funny. I was in a place in my life where I had taken time off from the Events industry and I was focusing on Yoga teacher training. I attended a yoga night in Emerson Creek’s barn and that’s where I met Chris EC’s owner. She was interested in having me coordinate some weddings and so, yoga brought me back to Events which is sorta cool. Yoga and Emerson both encourage simplicity and it was meant to be.

Emerson is unlike many wedding venues, what’s your experience like working here?
It doesn’t feel like work! I genuinely enjoy the people I work with in this awesome setting. I stay busy, but I feel removed from an outside hustle and bustle atmosphere.

You coordinate quite a few of our weddings. Does your yoga practice helps in any ways in Events planning?
Yes. I would say it has overall made me a more laid back person, which in turns sets both the Bride and Groom at ease. It helps all parties involved maybe feel more relaxed in what can be a very intense, busy time in their lives.

Something really exciting is happening with you… can you share with us? Anything else you’d like to let us know? Yes! Baby Okapal is due in January 2015! Since it’s my first pregnancy, I was inspired to do a prenatal teacher training in Minnesota. I’m looking forward to being able to teach expectant mothers like me. You can look forward to more Yoga and Wine events, and other fun nights in the Spring of 2015 at Emerson!

Join our Vintage Flow Facebook Events Page to submit your name or email Bring your own wine, yoga mat and a girlfriend for a fun, relaxing evening October 9 at 7pm!




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