The Hitch Late Night Snack & EC Sweets Package


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 Late Night Snack & Emerson Creek Confectionary Packages 2018!
If Emerson Creek Confectionary is hired to provide desserts and a late night snack package is purchased you will receive $1.00 off per person for any late night snack package.

Choose from Emerson Creek Confectionary Sweets Packages:

  • Simply Sweet – $9/person 3 desserts per person
  • Splendid Sweet – $15/person 5 desserts per person
  • Signature Sweet – $22/person 7 desserts per person
Emerson Creek Confectionary’s Sweets packages
*Emerson Creek Confectionary has a $450 minimum (not including tax)
Choose from Late Night Snack Packages:
  • The Hitch “The Works” Hot Dog Package – $8/person
  • The Hitch Pizza Package – $10/person
The Hitch is available for the last 2 hours of the event.
If no additional late night snack package is purchased, The Hitch rental is $400.00

Please email: for more information on Sweet Packages!