The First Day of Fall

Hello! I’m BLT Pasta, and I’m featured in the upcoming Emerson Creek Pottery & Tearoom CookbookAnd!

You can try me this week in the Tearoom since I’m on the menu this Tuesday, September 23rd through Saturday September 28th! We are currently taking pre orders for the cookbook, out in early October. If you would like to reserve a copy, (or 10 in my case, I’ve got a lot of Aunts), email  It is sure to be the quintessential gift this season for your best pals and family members!


You can tell it’s Fall by the snacks that are stocked in the EC office treat drawer… Big thanks to Chris, owner of Emerson Creek! This girl keeps our sweet teeth satisfied, before we ever have to think of donning a Halloween costume.

Another sign that fall is in full effect is The Anderson’s pumpkin wagon rolls to a stop next to our Pottery Shop. Each year in fall at Emerson Creek, you can drop your cash in the metal box and pick favorites from some of the coolest, well curated selection of pumpkins and gourds grown at the local Newark, IL farm.


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